COVID-19 Safety

The Diplomat Beach Resort is actively working with Hilton Corporate to implement the Hilton CleanStay with Lysol protection program in partnership with the Mayo Clinic which currently includes and continues to evolve:

  • Hilton CleanStay Room Seal: Add an extra measure of assurance by placing room seals on doors to inform guests their room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned. 
  • 10 High-Touch, Deep Clean Areas: Extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guests room areas – light switches, door handles, TV remotes, thermostats and more. 
  • De-clutter Paper Amenities: Remove pen, paper and guest directory; supplement with digital or available upon request. 
  • Clean and Clean Again: Increase the frequency of cleaning public areas. 
  • Guest-Accessible Disinfecting Wipes: Provide stations at primary entrances and key high traffic areas (i.e. a station to allow guests to wipe the elevator button before pressing). 
  • Contactless Check-In: Hilton will maintain its Digital Key technology for guests who desire to have a contactless arrival experience and is working to expand its Digital Key capabilities to common doors and access points throughout the hotels.
  • Innovative Disinfection Technologies: Hilton is exploring the addition of new technologies, like electrostatic sprayers – which use an electrostatically charged disinfecting mist – and ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and objects.

The Hilton CleanStay with Lysol protection program will continue to evolve over the summer. Alongside the CleanStay with Lysol protection program, Hilton representatives sit on the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) advisory board which created the AHLA Safe Stay program enhancing hotel cleaning standards industry-wide in response to COVID-19. This program provides details for additional cleaning and sanitizing measures, recommends appropriate PPE for hotel employees, suggestions on comprehensive training for employees with frequent guest contact along with other strict measures to keep guests safe. In addition, The Diplomat Beach Resort will also be instituting further protocols specific to the hotel and its onsite outlets.

FHCA will share more details as they develop.