Registration and Fees


2020 Annual Conference Registration Coming Soon

Please review the Registration Policies carefully before registering. By registering, you are agreeing to have read the Registration Policies contained on the FHCA Annual Conference website, which are incorporated herein by reference, and agree to accept and abide by all of the Registration Policies outlined.


  • Discount Fee: on or before June 1, 2020
    * ​Register by June 1, 2020, and be eligible for a prize drawing to win a complimentary registration for the 2021 Annual Conference & Trade Show
  • Regular Fee: after June 1, 2020
  • Registrations made after June 23 will need to be made onsite and assessed an additional $50 onsite fee

FHCA is aware that third-party vendors are contacting exhibitors and attendees about lead lists which purport to consist of attendee contact information. Please note that FHCA does not sell attendee lists to outside parties. These companies are NOT affiliated with or endorsed by FHCA or the 2020 Annual Conference & Trade Show. We continue to investigate these solicitations and apologize for the inconvenience.

2020 Registration Fees


(Includes the Opening Social, Monday & Tuesday Trade Show Events,
Circle of Excellence Award Luncheon, Quality Award Celebration, Fun Night and Preceptor Refresher Course)

1st Full Registrant
  By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $500 $550
Nonmember $690 $740
Additional Full Registrant (from same facility campus)
  By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $450 $500
Nonmember      $640 $690


MONDAY By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $170 $190
Nonmember $220 $240
TUESDAY By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $155 $175
Nonmember $205 $225
WEDNESDAY By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $170 $190
Nonmember $220 $240
THURSDAY By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $110 $130
Nonmember $160 $180


  By June 1 After June 1

Opening Social (Sun.)

$25 $25

COE Luncheon (Wed.)

$75 $75

Fun Night (Wed.)

$80 $80

Preceptor Provider Training (Thurs.)

$199 $199


  By June 1 After June 1
FHCA Member $50 $50
Nonmember $75 $75
Vendor Pass (Guided Trade Show Tour)* $100 $100


Only for adult guests of Full Registrants (includes Sunday Opening Social, Trade Show and Fun Night)

Representatives of vendor companies who have not purchased a booth will not be allowed general access to the Trade Show hall nor are permitted to puchase a tradeshow only pass. Companies interested in potentially exhibiting in the future can participate in a guided Trade Show Tour to learn more about the Show and must purchase a Vendor Pass in order to do so. The guided tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.