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Pre-Show Exhibitor Webinar 

Listen to the recorded webinar to learn important information about load-in, hotel regulations, prize drawing procedures, new name badge enforcements and much more! Plan ahead and help make this year's show the best it possibly can be.

2013 Annual Conference Trade Show Exhibitor Webinar

Exhibit Service Contractor

Global Experience Specialists (GES)
7945 Mandarin Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
(800) 475-2098

Click here for the online Exhibitor Services Manual from GES. This kit includes forms for shipping and for ordering items such as electrical service, internet, A/V equipment, and additional furnishings. The exhibit space is carpeted; it will NOT be necessary to purchase carpet for your booth. Please read information in the kit carefully to avoid unnecessary late charges and/or set-up fees and order early to avoid on-site costs.

Name Badges

Advance Registration for your Exhibitor Badges will be sent by June 2015, allowing you to request badges for company representatives in advance. Exhibiting companies must request and obtain name badges for distribution only to the exhibiting company’s employees who will staff their booth during show hours. Name badges will include the name of the employee along with the name of the Company. Information will be sent out several weeks prior to the show on making these requests online. Companies can request up to 8 badges per booth. Additional badges may be purchased for $75 each. Please note, only current employees of the exhibiting company may aquire a badge! All employees of an exhibiting company must be prepared during show hours to show proof of employment with a business card. The failure of an employee to demonstrate proof of employment with a business card will result in confiscation of the unauthorized name badge and immediate escorting of the nonemployee individual off of the trade show floor. In addition, should it be discovered that a nonemployee of an exhibiting company is wearing a name badge or that the exhibiting company obtained a name badge for a nonemployee or participated in a scheme to obtain a name badge for a nonemployee, the exhibiting company will be prohibited from exhibiting at the following year’s FHCA Annual Conference Trade Show.

Lead Retrieval

MTS Tracking provides inexpensive, innovative tracking solutions to FHCA exhibitors. Their lead retrieval system is simple and affordable. For only $125 you will receive a one-step laser scanner to easily capture your leads onsite. After the event you will be sent an excel spreadsheet of all your valuable contacts. Order form coming soon.

Continuing Education & Special Events

Exhibitors are welcome to attend the seminars at Conference for informational purposes. Your badge grants you complimentary access. Exhibitors needing continuing education for a license can register and pay a reduced fee of $100 by completing a special Exhibitor Registration form. This form may also be used to register for special events not included in booth fees, such as the Fun Night and Awards Luncheon. Registration information coming soon.

Prizes and Prize Announcements

Exhibitors are encouraged to bring a prize to offer as a give-away from their booth. A list of prizes will be published in the conference materials for attendees to review. Contact Jenny Early to get your prize on the list! PRIZE INFORMATION MUST BE SUPPLIED TO FHCA BY FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015 TO MEET THE PUBLICATION DEADLINE. Onsite, exhibitors will collect business cards from attendees at their booths and draw their own winners. FHCA will post a listing of the prize winners during the show, but attendees must claim their prizes from exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for delivering unclaimed prizes.

Pre- and Post-Conference Attendee Lists

Each exhibitor will be e-mailed a list of all conference attendees in an Excel format, approximately three weeks in advance of the Trade Show and three weeks after. Additional lists can be supplied upon request.

Associate Membership

FHCA Associate Memberships are available to companies and individuals who provide goods and services to long term care facilities. Associate Membership benefits include priority booth selection, listing in the annual FHCA Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide, and the Online Buyers’ Guide, newsletter subscription, select membership mailings, and eligibility to participate in state and district activities. There is also an Associate Member seat on FHCA’s Board of Directors. For those interested in FHCA Associate Membership, review the Exhibit Costs section of the Exhibit Contract to see how you can save money by joining as an Associate Member.

Associate Member Support Committee (AMSC)

FHCA Associate Members may also join the Associate Member Support Committee (AMSC) for an additional $150 per year. Members of the AMSC consult with FHCA committees on the Annual Conference Trade Show and other vendor activities. AMSC members receive priority choice on booth space and special recognition in FHCA publications and on signage at events. They also assist with the planning of all FHCA vendor activities. Members of the AMSC who have purchased booth space in the Trade Show will be listed on the exclusive AMSC “Good Guys” game card. To be eligible for cash prizes, attendees visit each AMSC booth. Members of the AMSC have found this to be an ideal way to encourage conference attendees to visit their booths and foster productive business relationships. TO BE LISTED ON THE AMSC “GOOD GUYS” GAME CARD, YOUR BOOTH PAYMENT, ASSOCIATE MEMBER DUES, AND AMSC DUES MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015. AMSC dues can be included with booth payment on the Exhibit Contract.