Continuing Education Credits

Contact Hours Information

FHCA's 2019 Annual Conference will give attendees the potential to earn up to 26 contact hours.

  • Sunday: Leadership Pre-session, with 3 potential contact hours
  • Monday: 24 CE Sessions, including 1 Membership Meeting and Keynote, with 6 potential contact hours
  • Tuesday: 11 CE Sessions, including 1 Mega Session and 1 Membership Meeting and Keynote, and 1 Trade Show CEU with 5.5 potential contact hours
  • Wednesday: 19 CE Sessions, including Preceptor Refresher course,1 Mega Session, and 1 Keynote, with 7.5 potential contact hours
  • Thursday: 12 CE Sessions with 4 potential contact hours, Preceptor Provider Training, and CNA Train-the-Trainer

All Sessions offer CEUs registered with CE Broker for the following Florida Boards:

  • Board of Nursing Home Administrators; Board of Nursing; Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling and Board of Occupational Therapy

Continuing education at Conference is tracked using barcode scanning of attendees' name badges. This process allows FHCA to report contact hours to CE Broker in a timely and efficient manner.

National Approval

FHCA is seeking approval from NAB for the 2019 Annual Conference. Please check back for more information.

Contact Sarah Wood for more information regarding continuing education at Conference.